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Components / Assemblies
The company believes on maintaining the tradition of making toolings and small sheet metal assemblies and hence is catering to the needs of major OEM's in this regards since its inception. The company believes that sheet metal assemblies and components will drive growth in near future.
Hood Lock Select Lever And Support Gear Control
(Front/Side/Rear) Guards & Bumpers Auxiliary Groove & Master Groove
Power Steering G.B. Mounting Bracket (For 1109) Bonnet Lock
Stiffner Reinforcenment Hand Brake Arm
Rocker Complete (Twike) Welded Fork Instrument Panel
Long Member Load Guard
Cradle (German) Oil Filter Pipe
Oil Filter Pipe Radiator Frame
Rocker Arm Steering Column with Spindle
Steering Lever (Twike) Strainer (Oil Pump)
Support (Battery) Right Rear Plate (Defence)
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