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Trucks (LoadBodies / CargoBodies)
The company is leading in manufacturing custom-designed load bodies; provides all its clients with export solutions and helps in keeping the world in motion.
Containers (Pick-up truck, LCV & MCV)
The company has developed containers for the aftermarket and also is a single source to Tata Motors for all their export requirements in this regard.
The company specializes in LCV tippers which primarily are sold by Tata Motors in export markets like Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. The company also manufactures MCV Tippers for the aftermarket.
Car Carriers
The company has launched Car Carriers with a cutting-edge-technology and design. The salient features are: -
Car carrier developed with modern design focusing on reduction in weight without disturbing required strength    and enhancing pay load capacity
Body corrugated panels are in closed pitch rolled CR steels in one piece in vertical condition with minimum joint   with better aesthetic differs from existing other manufacturer
Aggregates such as axels ,suspensions, break system and hydraulic are standard OEM'S
Structural steels procured from standard manufacturer as direct source.
Material treatment and Rust prevention and Painting with advance processing for better life
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